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Tourism in Santiago del Estero: Make the Most of Your Trip to the Province

The pure air of the sierras, the lulling sound of the native fauna of the plains, and the 14 mesothermal groundwaters that heal the body and mind: if you are looking for tranquillity, you have come to the right province. But if you want to discover the true flavour of native cuisine, dance to the rhythm of chacarera, and enjoy hundreds of traditional festivals until dawn, Santiago del Estero is also your province.

Rock in the cradle of folklore

Feel the love for culture, the passion for folklore, the respect for traditions. Discover the ancient legacy that brings life to this province. Meet its villagers. Get captivated by the Telesita, Kakuy, Alma Mula and other legends passed on from generation to generation. Taste its food: home-baked bread and chipaco, grilled goat and locro, humita and empanadas baked in a clay oven. Treat yourself to a glass of aloja.

Meet some mythical personalities of Argentine folklore: los Carabajal, los Hermanos Ábalos, Andrés Chazarreta, Julio Argentino Jerez and other musicians that made their contribution to the identity of the province. Move to the rhythm of a chacarera. Listen to the voice of the singers that honor their land. Discover popular traditions. Tour the capital of the province, the most ancient city of Argentina. Santiago del Estero is waiting for you.

About Santiago del Estero

The True Passion of Argentinian Folklore

About the Province

Vast plain, fertile sierras, crystal-clear streams, salt flats, and hot springs with extraordinary energising properties. In Santiago del Estero, landscapes, colours, and aromas flourish. It is the green land where myths and legends abound, where regional craftwork and unique looms can be admired, and local customs honoured. Santiago del Estero is the cradle of Argentinian traditions, the major icon of folklore, the province where music, poetry, joy, parties, and laughter are always plentiful.



Must-see Attractions

Experiencing the Magic of Hot Springs

Long beaches, beach resorts with local gastronomy, the Tara Inti Nature Reserve, and the healing properties of the hot springs of Río Hondo.

Termas de Río Hondo: Guaranteed Adrenaline, Games, and Fun

After relaxing in the hot springs, feel pure adrenaline at the Termas de Río Hondo Race Track, discover interesting facts in the Car Museum, or gamble for fun at the provincial casino of this versatile city.

History and Culture on the Streets of ‘the Mother of Cities’

Rich in architecture, museums, cathedrals, and invaluable historical heritage: Argentinian traditions can be seen in every corner of Santiago del Estero’s capital, the Mother of Cities.

Untamed Nature in Copo National Park

Penetrating Santiago del Estero’s El Impenetrable area in Añatuya is going through unexplored paths and discovering native species, such as the giant armadillo and the jaguar, far and wide.

Tranquillity and Adventure among the Undulating Sierras

In the middle of the Guasayán Sierras, a natural world unfolds, where rest, adrenaline, and enjoyment coexist in harmony: Villa La Punta.

The climate in Santiago del Estero is continental semitropical with a dry season, and its average annual temperature is 27 °C. As it is surrounded by diverse ecoregions, temperatures vary greatly. Sometimes, it can turn out to be the hottest province in the country without winter’s cold, frost, or hail storms. Predicting the weather in this region of the Argentinian northwest can be quite challenging.


During summer in Santiago del Estero, humidity, storms, and intense heat are predominant, reaching extreme temperatures of almost 50 °C. When autumn arrives, the most pleasant season comes along, with little drizzle and fresh winds. Winter is dry and characterised by a complete absence of rain, with frequently warm temperatures (not freezing at all). And in spring, when everything blooms, the cool and humid weather hits the right balance full of sun.

With mostly clear skies all year round, non-stop celebrations and festivities, and amazing nature reserves, Santiago del Estero welcomes all travellers at any time of the year. Yet, you may prefer to avoid the summer, where the rainy season and the burning heat begin, and to visit it in autumn or winter, when you can run away from the cold and recharge your batteries with the golden sun at the beach resorts with its powerful healing waters.

There are tons of places to visit in Santiago del Estero: walk on the magnificent Ambargasta salt flats, appreciating the powerful contrast of the white ground and the dark greenery; experience the pleasure of getting immersed in the therapeutic waters of Termas de Río Hondo; walk around the squares in the capital, full of Argentinian history and culture; and rest and relax in Villa La Punta, at the foot of the Sierras de Guasayán.

The City of Santiago del Estero, capital of this warm province, is popularly known as the Mother of Cities because it was the first city in the country. Almost all the expeditions that founded the cities of other provinces in the region departed from here. The first diocese and the first Institute of Higher Studies were also founded here, marking a significant milestone in history: the beginning of university studies in Argentina.


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Food in Santiago del Estero

Termas de Río Hondo

Villa La Punta

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