Termas de Río Hondo

Waters that emerge from the center of the Earth offer you calm, relaxing and healing experiences.

Discover the pleasure of thermal bathing under the warm Santiago del Estero sun. Healing waters that restore your health thanks to their energizing properties. Fourteen mesothermal layers originated in the Aconquija Mountain rainfall. The effect of the water temperature will help you relax and heal any pain. This city-beach-spa, the most important thermal and spa resort in Latin America, will be waiting for you in Río Hondo. 





Besides the relaxing effect of thermal waters, here you can enjoy a land of diverse, intense, sacred nature. Cultural traditions. Service to professional business travelers. Attractions for golf, fishing and car-racing lovers. The rhythm of chacareras. The scent and the taste of the local food. Relax and enjoy Río Hondo.

Geographic location: Province of Santiago del Estero, 68 km from the capital of the province.

How to get here: Santiago del Estero has its own airport. If you go by land, it is 87 km from Tucumán and 1,120 km from Buenos Aires.

Area: 2,176 km²

Climate: warm and mild. Summer is the rain season. The average temperature is 20ºC.

Ideal time of the year: March through November. 

Recommended length of stay: 3 to 5 days. 

Recommended clothing: swim suit, light clothes. 

What to do: nautical sports and fishing at Dique Frontal and Embalse Río Hondo. Golf. Car races at the Autódromo Provincial [Provincial Racetrack] Termas de Río Hondo [Río Hondo Hot Springs]. Visit the Tara Inti Urban Natural Reserve, the Nueva Costanera, Nuestra Señora del Socorro Church, the Agua Santa Park, Vivero Municipal [Municipal Nursery], Martín Miguel de Güemes Park, Museo Histórico de la Ciudad [City Museum of History], the Casino del Sol and the Museo Antropológico [Museum of Anthropology] Rincón de Atacama.

Tips: try the local empanadas.

Events: “24 Horas de Campeonato Continental” [24 Hour Continental Championship] Ultramarathon, Argentina motorcycle GP, Santiago Vuela, Fiesta Nacional del Canasto [Basket National Festival]. 



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