Villa La Punta

In the Guasayán hills, discover a place where calm and adventure are waiting for you.



Deep green. Pure air. Crystal-clear streams. Undulated hills. In this environment, a world of relaxation awaits: Villa La Punta. Explore its streets and discover the charm they’re saving for you. The houses and the tree lines. The square and the parish. The handicrafts and the regional products. The locals’ lives and stories. The panoramic views and the spaces to enjoy and relax outdoors.


Would you like to get relaxation and adventure together? Get ready to enjoy trekking and horseback riding, biking and sulky rides. Walk around the Guasayán hills and explore their trails. Drive along the route and get close to the Río Hondo Thermal Baths. Look at the natural springs and dip into the thermal waters. Move across an ecological and tourist corridor where biodiversity will amaze you. Live it all in the province of Santiago del Estero.


Geographic location: Province of Santiago del Estero, north of Argentina.

How to get there: Villa La Punta is 92 km away from the capital of Santiago del Estero. Take Ruta Nacional 64 and then Ruta Provincial 24.

Area: 1.08 sq km

Altitude: 392 meters above sea level.

Climate: Semi-tropical with a dry season, extreme temperatures, and heavy rainfall.

Recommended length of stay: 1 to 3 days.

Recommended clothing and gear: Light clothes, sunscreen, and a hat.



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