Food in Santiago del Estero

Treat yourself to the empanadas, tortillas, grilled goat meat and other exquisite dishes of this varied cuisine.

The food is ready. The people from Santiago del Estero are waiting for you with dishes that celebrate encounter. Discover habits inherited from the Pre-Hispanic cultures. Tastes, smells and colors that vary with the different seasons of the year. Recipes with natural food. Tortillas and chipaco. Empanadas and pies. Goat meat, beef and pork, either grilled or cooked in a clay oven.




Taste the typical corn-made food of Santiago del Estero: mazamorra and tamales, humita and carbonada, locro and roasted corn. Here, patay and moroncitos, prepared with carob flower, and bolanchao, made with mistol fruit, are also waiting for you. Do you have a sweet tooth? Try the arrope. And for drinking, do not miss aloja or the iconic mate. Enjoy the typical Santiago del Estero tastes.


Geographic location: Province of Santiago del Estero.

How to get there: by plane, to Vicecomodoro Ángel de la Paz Aragonés Airport, in the city of Santiago del Estero. By land, there are various bus lines that arrive in the capital city. By car, you can get there via a number of national and provincial routes. 

Area: 136,351 sq km  Altitude: 135 meters above sea level.

Climate: the prevailing climate in the province is semi-dry and warm. It changes to subtropical monsoon and subtropical humid climate to the southeast. 



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