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Tourism in Salta: The Best Places to Visit

It is no wonder why Salta is known as La Linda, the beautiful province. It captivates everyone with its unusual beauty, and everything that happens in this land is magical. With its colourful peaks, outstanding mountains and cliffs, high-altitude vineyards, winding trails, gorges, dykes, salt flats, and the intense green of its valleys and Yungas, this province dazzles whoever steps on its red land.

Walk along an enchanted place

Unparalleled landscapes. Diverse culture. Rich traditions. Discover a province you will fall in love with. A land of archeological treasures and ancient traces. Travel through pre-Hispanic history. Tour the Qhapaq Ñan Andean trail. Find the mix of races that make up the identity of the people from Salta. Take part in traditions and popular fests that emerge from the villages, where the religious spirit combines with music, dance and rituals. 

You will be surprised by the geographic diversity. Valleys and ravines. Desert and jungle. Dryness and exuberance. High plains and salt fields. Valleys and yungas. Try food with typical taste, colors and smells. Embrace the calm, hospitality and kindness of its local people. Bring with you crafts that bear the indigenous features which identify these villages. Come to the province called “La linda” [“the beautiful one”]. Salta is waiting for you. 


About Salta

Walk on a Spellbinding Place

About the Province

Natural beauty. The taste of wine. Award-winning wineries. Red land, unique in the world. Giant cacti, walnut trees, and cockspur coral trees with its magnificent red flowers. Arid roads nestled by mountains or paths at a cliff’s edge crossing the jungle. Parties, craft fairs, and the best empanadas in the country. Salta is the province of tradition, customs, and the oldest Argentinian rituals.



Must-see Attractions

Río de las Conchas Gorge: Adventure and Precious Landscapes

In this nature reserve of the Valles Calchaquíes area, admire the natural erosion of the brownish-red mountains, walk amid hidden paths, or simply enjoy captivating views.

The Train to the Clouds, Where Dreams Come True

Legend has it that this unique tour on the sky of Salta is the direct link between the Earth and people’s dreams. You can’t miss the Train to the Clouds excursion for a direct contact with Salta’s culture.

The Steep Cuesta del Obispo

Travel by car or bicycle in this winding section surrounded by cliffs, snow-capped peaks, cacti, nature, and breathtaking landscapes as you reach the magical village of Cachi.

History and Legends in Cachi

Los Cardones National Park, old wineries, impressive archaeological museums, a church declared a Historic Monument, and an enchanted valley… The options abound, and they all lead to the same destination: a customised tour through Cachi.

Professional Wine-taster in Cafayate

The taste of Salta’s wines, massive wineries offering delightful tastings, and an incredible tour amid peaks and vineyards. You can also visit the Obelisco de Cafayate, a naturally eroded structure that’s totally photographable.

Quebrada de las Flechas Gorge: a Moon-like Landscape in Salta

An endless number of sharp rocks point to the sky and decorate the scenery, which is already astonishing. Shades of ochre, grey, browns, and red paint Salta’s work of art.


Experiencing Local Music in a Peña

A mix of regional food, music, and nightlife. The typical northern dances find their expression in the centre of the province and are part of the ritual.

The prevailing climate in Salta is subtropical mountainous with a dry season, varying based on the relief of the area. The valleys, gorges, and mountains have a rather warm and sunny climate, whereas the altiplano is characterised by sudden temperature variations within the same day and little rain. The average annual temperature is 21 °C.

If you want to go trekking on the mountains, visit wineries and taste the most delicious Torrontés and Malbec, cross the routes, tour charming villages, and wander around the capital, you need at least 4 days. But if you are looking to unveil La Linda’s secrets, savour Salta’s delicacies, and embrace the true passion of northern Argentina, you will need to stay longer, breathe its pure air, and admire the incomparable landscape.

This vast province in northwestern Argentina has tons of surprising villages all around. Embracing history, myths and legends, with cobbled streets and centuries-old churches, each town has its own charm you will have to discover. Among the most popular, you will find: San Lorenzo, with its gorges and excursions across forests; Cachi, with its rivers and extensive programs; Cafayate, with its wines and unexplored trails surrounded by mountains; and Iruya, which looks like a city from a tale.


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Folk peñas in Salta

Calchaquí Valleys

Baritú National Park

El Rey National Park

Salta Museums

Tolombón Wines

El Nogalar de los Toldos Natural Reserve

Salta and San Lorenzo

Los Cardones National Park

City of Salta

High Mountain Archeological Museum [Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña]


Fishing at the Cabra Corral Dam

Quebrada de las Flechas

Tastil and Santa Rosa de Tastil

Trekking in Salta

Train to the Clouds

The Cafayate Obelisco


Rural Tourism in Salta

Puna Route

Religious Tourism in Salta

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