Folk peñas in Salta

Let Salta nightlife seduce you and enjoy the local food, the music and the typical dances.

Imagine nights with food and art, with rhythms and flavors, with joy and tradition. Experience it in the city of Salta. Tour the colorful Balcarce Street to find bars, local food restaurants and the classic Folk peñas [clubs]. Taste the typical dishes, which you will love. Enjoy the music and dance, the zamba and chacarera, the baguala and carnavalito, the copla and the cueca norteña. 




Visit the classic peñas like Balderrama and Los Gauchos de Güemes. Discover the folk legends’ footprints: “el Cuchi” Leguizamón and Manuel J. Castilla, Juan Carlos Dávalos and Los Chalchaleros, Los Fronterizos and Eduardo Falú. Taste the exquisite Salta food at mealtime: the high-mountain gourmet cuisine and the llama and cabrito barbecue, humitas and tortillas al rescoldo, and don’t forget to taste the famous empanadas, stuffed with chopped beef. Enjoy Salta.


Geographic location: Province of Salta.

How to get there: By plane, to General Martín Miguel de Güemes International Airport. By land (bus or car), via Ruta Nacional 34.

Area: 60 sq km

Altitude: 1,152 meters above sea level.

Climate: Sub-tropical with dry season.

Recommended length of stay: 2 to 4 days.

What to do: Visit the folk peñas and the emblematic restaurants in the city.

Tips: Try the excellent local food: empanadas, locro, humitas and tamales.



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