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All You Need to Know to Tour San Juan

Culture, history, nature, amazing views, and first-class gastronomy combined all together make this province one of the most attractive in the country. San Juan has all this and more for you. An incomparable Argentinian spot that, with its pure air and calm pace, embraces the lucky ones who visit it, captivating locals and worldwide tourists, who upon leaving these sandy lands, promise to come back.

Find yourself in a world of sun and culture

Feel the excitement of stepping on San Juan land. Admire the top of the Mercedario mountain. Tour vineyard and winery circuits. Taste worldwide-acclaimed wines. Move to the rhythm of the cueca and the gato, which give the folklore of the province its identity. Celebrate the National Sun Festival [Fiesta Nacional del Sol], held every year. Discover historical sites and windmills built in the 19th century. Get close to its culture: loom weaving, local food, colonial architecture, the Tradition Fest [Fiesta de la Tradición]. 

Discover valleys and hills, oases by the Andes and turbulent rivers. Explore roads and creeks. Do you enjoy adventure? Go windsurfing, land-sailing, rafting. Do you prefer scientific tourism? Visit El Leoncito Astronomical Complex [Complejo Astronómico El Leoncito] and Ischigualasto Provincial Park. Are you attracted by history? Walk on the ruins of the Inca trails. Discover a chapel over 400 years old. San Juan is waiting for you.



About San Juan

Passion and culture transmitted through the five senses.

About the Province

Valleys, sierras, gorges, Andean oases, and countless streams. Food, wines, and aromas typical of San Juan. Festivals, traditions, and colonial architecture. Sarmiento’s family home, San Martín’s historic chamber, the Difunta Correa’s sanctuary, chapels of more than 400 years old, and mills from the 19th century. The El Leoncito Astronomical Observatory, considered one of the most important in the world, and the Ischigualasto Natural Park, known as Valle de la Luna and declared a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. San Juan is all this. Are you ready to discover it?



Must-see Attractions

Unique Bird Watching in the Valle Fértil Natural Park

A protected oasis of nature and archaeology that has more than 23% of the birds flying across the skies of Argentina.

Walks on a Moon-like Landscape in Ischigualasto Park

Better known as Valle de la Luna (the Moon Valley), it is one of the most popular excursions in San Juan. Walk surrounded by mysterious rocks, dinosaur tracks, and lands full of secrets and history.

Adventure and Stars in El Leoncito National Park

Sand yachting, waterfalls, and the best of San Juan’s nature. After adventure tourism during the day, enjoy watching entire constellations with the observatory’s massive telescope at night.

Touring Cities Full of History and Local Gastronomy

Without a doubt, the best cities you can visit in San Juan are the capital of San Juan, Rawson, and Rivadavia. Walk its streets packed with culture and delicious wines.

Discovering the Stunning Landscape of Ullum Dyke

The green of the water and the red mountains, and in between, this strong dyke rise up. A beautiful view near the most delightful wineries.

The province is made up of an endless number of unique landscapes and reliefs spread across its extensive territory. As a result, the climate in San Juan varies depending on the area. Although the average temperature is 18 °C, the climate in the mountains is semi-arid, and the minimum temperatures can be -30 °C. However, everything changes in the valleys, where the climate is dry temperate. The temperature varies according to the altitude, reaching 45 °C on the hottest days.

In San Juan, out of the 365 days of the year, 300 are sunny. As a matter of fact, the National Sun Festival is celebrated every year in this province. It lasts 5 days during the last week of February. So, even though the tourist attractions are limitless, and almost no rainfall could spoil any excursion, if what you feel like dancing to the rhythm of the cueca and gato, iconic dance styles of the Cuyo Region’s folklore, taste award-winning wines until dawn, and witness an unparalleled firework show, February is perfect month.

The options are endless. After walking around history-packed streets and the remains of the Inca’s routes, or visiting museums and theatres of great cultural value, the famous Valley of the Moon welcomes you with magical walks under a starry sky. In addition, don’t miss the vineyard and winery circuits, the breathtaking landscapes, and the delicious local gastronomy.

However, if adrenaline and sports are your cup of tea, you are in the right place. San Juan offers incredible excursions for adventure tourism fans: windsurfing, sand yachting, trekking, horse riding across the mountains, rafting in turbulent rivers, or intense expeditions to the top of Cerro Mercedario.


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