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Tourism in Corrientes: Everything You Need to Know in This Guide

If you want to connect with nature, dance to the sound of chamamé, and embrace an experience full of colour, visiting Corrientes should be your first choice. The province is ecotourism, culture, the unique carnival joy, and history steeped with religion. The area of extraordinary natural beauty does not only enchant tourists, but also continues to surprise locals with everything it offers.

Breathe nature, culture and well-being

Walk around protected areas. Feel part of a natural environment. Experiment ecotourism and enjoy unparalleled experiences in contact with nature. Corrientes offers you an encounter with its nature and culture. Visit the Esteros del Iberá National Park. Tour plains covered with water. Meet its villagers and learn about their stories. Try the local dishes, the flavors that are born in their rivers and fertile soil. Watch the native wildlife and vegetation. 

Let the typical music of this land cheer you up: chamamé, declared Cultural Heritage, a genre that is sung, danced and enjoyed with the sacred “sapucay” cry. Enjoy it. Take part in the Chamamé National Fest [Fiesta Nacional del Chamamé] and the Authentic Traditional Chamamé Fest [Festival del Auténtico Chamamé Tradicional]. Discover the provincial carnival. Rhythm and passion. Luxury and colors. Joy and fun. Corrientes is waiting for you.


About Corrientes

Connect with the river flow and travel through history

About the Province

The province of Corrientes is located between two rivers: the Uruguay and the Paraná Rivers. What can you do in Corrientes? You can choose from religious visits, nautical activities, and tours of the award-winning murals to walks along the esplanade, visits to the Cocomarola Amphitheatre and the Pexoa Bridge to see some chamamé dance, and tours following Los Caminos del Carnaval. There are also endless historical references to learn about. Connect with nature and the festival of colours in the province.



Must-see Attractions

Touring the City of Corrientes

The oldest city in north-eastern Argentina bears more than four centuries of history. Find here art in all its glory thanks to its architecture and commemorating murals. Enjoy sailing along the river and going on cultural tours in the capital and economic centre of the Argentinian Litoral Region.

The Esplanade in Corrientes: Perfect Fusion of Nature and Urbanism

The ideal place to relax during the day and in the evening, walk along the coast, or eat in distinguished bars and restaurants. Skirting the Paraná River, the esplanade in Corrientes amazes its visitors with its Siete Puntas, squares, and museums.

Iberá Nature Reserve

With 1,300,000 hectares of natural beauty and four gates, namely Cambyretá, San Nicolás, Carambola and Iberá Lagoon, this Nature Reserve serves as an environment restorer and species guardian. Ecotourism lovers and safari tour enthusiasts are amazed by Iberá, being one of the most important freshwater wetlands in the world.

Culture and Tradition in El Paso de la Patria

History and nature united. Facing the estuary of the Paraguay River and in the Paraná River, these white-sand beaches, with more than 150 years of history, offer both sport and cultural experiences.

A Trip back in Time in Yapeyú

The name Yapeyú comes from the Guaraní language and means the time that has reached maturity. Founded on ruins, destroyed, and rebuilt, Yapeyú is brimmed with memories that can be discovered through visits to the colonial houses, museums, and archaeological sites.

Discovering Ituzaingó’s Greatness

Just 232 kilometres from Corrientes City and on the banks of the Paraná River, Ituzaingó surprises with its vegetation, beaches, one of the most important hydroelectric plants in the country, and nautical tours.

The Colour Party in the National Capital of Carnival

During summer, the carnivals in Corrientes capture all the attention. Known by lovers of music and colour, Los Caminos del Carnaval journey stands out for their dream-like designs, magnificence, and eccentricities, displaying the talent of its organisers and creators.

The province mainly has a subtropical climate, with variations in the summer (warmer) and short winter (with not so significant frosts). The average temperature is between 11 °C to 33 °C.

The weather in Corrientes is usually good all year round, yet, from March to November, there is less rainfall, favouring the tourist itineraries of the province.

The province of Corrientes borders the provinces of Chaco and Santa Fe on the west, Misiones on the east, and Entre Ríos on the west.

The chamamé is part of the cultural tradition of Corrientes, connecting a music style (typically with accordion and harmonica) and partner dance. It does not only come from the province, but also from the northeast of Argentina.


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