Cuyo Region

Enjoy the Land of Wine and Mountains

How is Tourism in the Cuyo Region? Discover Everything You Can Do Here!

Find out what this unique region at the foot of the Andes Mountains offers. You can gaze at the immensity of the mountains with their snow-capped peaks, embark on adventures full of adrenaline on the ski tracks, go trekking, mountaineering and climbing, taste the exquisite local gastronomy and the best Argentinian wines, explore Cuyo’s history and traditions, and connect with the original culture. Cuyo will welcome you with open arms.

About Cuyo

Vineyards, impressive mountains, lakes, and hills. The warmth of its inhabitants. Thousands of wineries, museums, national parks, and 3 amazing provinces. Once you explore the wonderful landscapes and experience the energy exuded from this very special region, you will always want to come back.



Must-see Attractions

Aconcagua Provincial Park

In this nature reserve in Mendoza, discover the Andes Mountains and America’s highest peak: the mythical Aconcagua Mountain.

The Valle de la Luna Experience at Night

An arid terrain, strangely-shaped rocks, and the immensity of the starry sky: walking through the Ischigualasto Provincial Park in San Juan at night feels like strolling on the moon.

Sierra de las Quijadas National Park

Walk through time surrounded by red stone mountains, explore archaeological sites, and follow real dinosaur tracks in this nature reserve.

Winery Tour in Mendoza

More than a thousand wineries are spread along the spectacular Mendoza Wine Route, where you can taste exquisite wines, participate in harvests, and visit vineyards and theme museums.

Puente del Inca Natural Monument

Dare to embark on a high-mountain excursion through the Qhapaq Ñan Andean road system, declared a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.


A Thrilling Landscape that Was the Dakar Rally’s Stage

Yes, you heard that right: the Dakar Rally crossed the province of Mendoza. El Nihuil is one of the most challenging environments in Argentina due to its strong winds, extreme temperatures, and arid lands. Feel the adrenaline amid mirrors of water surrounded by 200-metre-high dunes.


Experience first-hand General San Martín’s Crossing of the Andes on horse

Dare to follow the steps of a hero who, more than 200 years ago, crossed the Andes Mountains in a liberating feat.

In the Cuyo region, the climate is mainly dry and arid. The seasons are well-marked, with usually very hot summers and cold winters. In this territory at the foot of the Andes Mountains, the Zonda (a strong wind with high temperatures) is also very characteristic between May and November.

Although this region stands out for its mountainous relief with the spectacular Andes Mountains, valleys, fields, sierras, salt flats, plains, plateaus, and even volcanoes also abound in this extensive territory, forming unique landscapes far and wide.

The Cuyo region is made up of 3 provinces: Mendoza, San Juan, and San Luis.