Cordoba Region

Feel the Argentinian Folklore and Traditions

Tourism in the Cordoba Region of Argentina: What Places Can You Visit?

Plains, mountains, countryside, mountains, hills, valleys, rivers, and lakes. This region is full of reliefs, landscapes, nature, and fresh air. It is the land of parties, carnivals, music, and magic. With its warm climate and people, you will always feel at home.

About the Cordoba Region

Cities and villages; rivers and mountains; lakes and sports; shows and events… Experience nature up close in streams, rivers, and dykes. Sail in boats and practise water sports in a peaceful atmosphere or full of adrenaline. Walk along dreamy valleys. Enjoy all this and more in the exciting Cordoba Region.



Must-see Attractions

The charms of the Capital of Córdoba

The Capital of Córdoba manages to amaze its visitors time after time. City of gatherings, culture, history, and superb local gastronomy. The right place to take part in parties and festivals, and try the classic drink Fernet con Coca.

Enjoying Villa Carlos Paz

Sheer fun and entertainment in one of the major tourist cities in the country, which is full of nature, adventures, and moving shows.

Córdoba de las Campanas

Explore the historical, artistic, and architectural heritage of Córdoba’s Catholic temples. Churches, cathedrals, and basilicas: an amazing tour around the religious culture of the country.

Quebrada del Condorito National Park

One of Córdoba’s natural wonders. Admire the majestic flight of condors in this reserve located in the heart of the Sierras Grandes mountain range.

Climbing to the Top of Cerro Champaquí

Dare to climb Córdoba’s highest peak: 2790 metres of unspoilt nature and breath-taking mountain landscapes. The views from the top are stunning.

Visiting the Jesuit Farming Estates

Follow in the footsteps of the Jesuit legacy in Córdoba: walk through the Jesuit Block in Córdoba’s capital and five old Jesuit estancias, or farming estates, declared UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

Mar Chiquita Lagoon: Argentina’s Largest Lake Area

Enjoy the beach and water sports in one of the largest saline wetlands in the world housing more than 250 bird species.

Mystery and Nature in Capilla del Monte

Visit the city of Cerro Uritorco in the Punilla Valley, where the mountains of Córdoba conceal myths and legends about UFO and alien sightings.

This region has a privileged temperature. Most of the area is characterised by the temperate and semi-arid climate of mountains and fields, reaching high temperatures in summer and low temperatures in winter.

The Cordoba region include only Cordoba province.

This territory made up of the province of Córdoba has 3,978,984 inhabitants and an area of 165,321 square kilometres. The capital is one of the three most populated cities in the country, along with Buenos Aires and Rosario.

Pork breast, corn and cheese pie, chicken locro, roast kid, prochilos, beef cutlet, homemade flan, and all kinds of stews. Your taste buds will go crazy when you try the typical foods of this region.