Tango in Buenos Aires

Visit the home of a show that charms the whole world.

Enjoy the rhythm of the bandoneon, the sensuality of the dance, the couples dancing and holding each other amidst the glamour of the Buenos Aires nightlife. More than a typical tune, more than a dance with roots, more than a unique spectacle, tango is history and leading edge, it is Buenos Aires culture and passion. A cultural phenomenon that goes beyond our borders. An icon of the River Plate that has been declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. 





Walk around the tango neighborhoods, the cobbled streets, the street shows and the milongas with tango lessons. And when the night falls, visit the shows where top-level orchestras, singers and dancers await you with classical and modern proposals and a delicious Argentine dinner. The new generations of musicians combine with legends such as Carlos Gardel, Enrique Santos Discépolo, Aníbal Troilo and Ástor Piazzolla. Let the magic of tango carry you away. 

How to get here: by plane to Ministro Pistarini (EZE) International Airport, Jorge Newbery Domestic Flight Airport and El Palomar Airport. By water, to Quinquela Martin Cruise ship Terminal or Puerto Madero Terminal. By land, there are buses coming to Retiro and Liniers Bus Terminals. By train, long-distance trains arrive at Retiro and Constitución Terminals. 

Area: 203 km²

Altitude: 25 meters above-sea level.

Climate: mild and wet, with warm summer and cool winter temperatures. 

Ideal time of the year: fall (April to June) or spring (September to November) due to the mild temperatures. 

Recommended length of stay: 1 to 2 days.

Recommended clothing: in winter (July to September), warm clothes, a cap and scarf. In summer (December to March), a light jacket to wear at night will be enough. It’s also advisable to take comfortable (preferably light-colored) clothes, repellent, sunscreen, a hat and sunglasses. In fall (March to July) or spring (September to December), also take an umbrella or raincoat. 

What to do: Enjoy a dinner show at a theater or restaurant in the city. Take a tango lesson to feel the Buenos Aires passion. At night, visit one of the milongas in cafes, clubs or parks in the Buenos Aires neighborhoods.

Tips: Take a walk around the tango neighborhoods of the city, such as Boedo, Almagro, Abasto and La Boca, with its Caminito street. Visit Dorrego Square, the World Tango Dance Championship and Festival in August, and the Almagro Tango Festival in November.



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