Paraná River Delta

Relax yourself in places surrounded by comfort, facilities, and vegetation very close to the city of Buenos Aires.



Discover the charm of an island inn founded in 1892, and travel in time walking around rooms with period furniture. Find a park with hammock beds, and enjoy looking at the river. If you want to relax in a historical place, come to the hotel built more than a century ago. Enjoy this experience in the province of Buenos Aires.

Your adventure starts in the city of Tigre. Walk along the coastline, visit the Puerto de Frutos market, sail down the river to get immersed into nature. Explore paradises among the water and the delta islands to relax and enjoy. Go to hidden bungalows among abundant vegetation. There’s a world of saunas, massages, pools, and heated Jacuzzis for your wellbeing.


Location: Province of Buenos Aires.


How to get there: From the city of Tigre, located 40 km away from Buenos Aires city. You can go to Tigre by car down the Panamericana motorway, Tigre branch line; or by train from the Retiro railway station terminus.


Climate: Mild and humid.


Recommended length of stay: 1 to 2 days.


Recommended clothing and gear: Comfortable clothes, repellent, and sunscreen lotion.


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