Mendoza wines

Tour the most important Argentine wine-making city, one of the largest wine capitals worldwide.

The Andes Mountains surrounding. Elegant cities. Large rural houses. Urban accommodation. Five-star hotels. International restaurants. Author’s cuisine. And in this amazing environment, the opportunity to enjoy the wine experience. Tours to show you how it is made. A journey of the senses to taste delicious pairings with the flavor of the local cuisine. 




Explore the Wine Route. Tour a road that will take you to four wine oases: Center, East, Uco Valley and South. At the winery museums, relive the history of the local wine industry, the efforts of the pioneers and the secrets of the land where the “national drink” is produced. And to celebrate, the National Wine Festival: an event that goes beyond the borders and invites visitors from all over the world. The province of Mendoza is waiting for you.



Geographic location: Center-West region of Argentina. 

How to get here: by plane to Francisco Gabrielli International Airport in the City of Mendoza (aka El Plumerillo). Mendoza has direct air connection with multiple domestic and international destinations. By land, it is crossed by two major routes: from North to South, Ruta Nacional 40, and from East to West, Ruta Nacional 7, which goes all the way up to Chile.

Area: 148,827 km²

Altitude: 769 meters above sea level (average altitude) and 6,962 meters above sea level (maximum altitude at the Aconcagua Mountain).

Climate: arid, warm and cold. Dry summer season with a wide temperature range and humid winters with snow. The climate is influenced by the Andes mountains, where it turns into an arid Andean-Puna climate. 

Ideal time of the year: March through June and September through December, due to its warm climate. To see the snow, the best season is June through August. 

Recommended length of stay: 3 to 5 days.

Recommended clothing: in winter (July through September), take warm clothes. In summer (December through March), a light jacket to wear at night will be enough. Also, take comfortable preferably light-colored clothes, repellent, sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat or cap, and appropriate footwear according to the activity. 

What to do: Visit the vineyards and wineries in the city suburbs, the Coria farms, Luján de Cuyo and Uco Valley. Get around the area by bike or on the tour bus. Enjoy eating at the exclusive local restaurants. Visit the Aconcagua Mountain base camp and the Cacheuta hot springs. 

Tips: Bear in mind that there is a wide difference in altitude between the city of Mendoza and other areas in the province. Allow for a period to adapt to the climate differences along the circuit, in case it is necessary.


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