At the Southwest of the province of Santa Cruz, visitors are attracted by huge ice walls forming great part of the Patagonian Ice Field, the third largest ice concentration of the world, after the poles. Los Glaciares National Park lays on the shores of Argentino and Viedma lakes and it was declared Natural world Heritage by the UNESCO in 1981. It is a real everlasting ice kingdom with 350 glaciers. The largest one is the Upsala, 31 miles' long and almost 6 miles' wide, although the most imposing and famous is the Perito Moreno Glacier, superb and majestic, with a 3 miles' front and an altitude of 196 feet above the lake's level. As a consequence of their slow movement, its walls occasionally break and generate a unique show. At the Northern area of the Park, the Fitz Roy mount outstands for its height -11.072 f.a.s.l.- and its imposing presence. This glorious landscape is accompanied by thick Andean forests.

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