Ischigualasto Provincial Park in Cuyo -popularly known as the "Moon Valley"-  and Talampaya National Park in the North, were included in the List of Natural Treasures of World Heritage by UNESCO in 2000. 

Ischigualasto, in the province of San Juan, is one of the most important paleontological fields in the world: it shelters remains of vertebrates that inhabited the area 180 million years ago. However, it is its landscape what really captures visitors' attention: an amazing land of rocks and colors, its soil with moon-like aspect and the huge red and purple ravines that invite to believe you are in another planet. Ischigualasto is the result of the continued action of winds, rains and sun throughout the years. Created in 1971, the "Moon Valley" occupies more than 153,000 acres with a main circuit that may be covered by car or motorcycle, but always accompanied by authorized guides.

Talampaya, in the province of La Rioja, is an imposing red dessert, home of dinosaurs in the past and where primitive men left their testimony in petroglyphs engraved on the rocky walls.  Its major attraction can be found at its formidable and imposing huge red rocky walls and the thousand fantastic forms shaped by erosion. The Andean condor finds there an ideal place for nesting. Its soils crossed by dried-up rivers and its rocky giants can be discovered by bus, mini-vans and/or bike. At Talampaya, there are no limits for imagination!

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