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Argentina to Discover. A Country of Experiences.

Undersecretary of Tourist Quality / State office of Tourism Trainings


Through the years, Argentina has made public its tourist attractions across the country and around the world, looking to seduce the traveler. This purpose has been broadly achieved. Argentina is today a top notch tourist country and leader in the Americas region.

But we can always do better, and like the Minister of Tourism, Sr. Enrique Meyer sustains, “in this stage we will attend equally and with professionalism the development of our internal and international inbound tourism, promoting a harmonic and sustained growth of our offer, a job that we will continue watching the private and public sector working together.

For more than a decade, the country is on a path of development and growth, and the tourism, a multidimensional, dynamic and highly competitive activity, “is supposed to continue playing an essential role". The professionalization of the sector is imperative.

This is why we present this training, Argentina to Discover, today. Through this training, for those who already know it as well as for those who are doing it for the first time, we want to bring you closer a diverse country with a wide variety of landscapes, nature and culture, with great connectivity and activities for everybody, with multiple alternatives for hotels and restaurants, friendly people that receive with open arms; a country in which you can live unique memorable experiences.

General Training objectives:

  • Provide tools and knowledge about the Tourist Argentina, awakening the enthusiast in the participants to share their experiences.
  • To favor the creativity and innovation when it comes to promoting Argentina, creating value.
  • Generate a respectful space of participative exchange, which values the differences.
  • To propitiate the team work, a key of our tourist activity.
  • To promote the curiosity for the research and the knowledge, as sources of personal and professional growth.
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