In the North of Catamarca, 16 miles of white and pink rocks surrounded by black sand, volcanoes and mountains. A universe of fantastic images.

In the middle of the Andean Range, there is an area characterized by the presence of more than two hundred volcanoes like the giants of Antofalla, Carachi Pampa, Antofagasta, La Alumbrera and Galán, where the eruption of Blanco Volcano formed the Campo de Piedra Pómez (=pumice stone field). Located in the department of Antofagasta de la Sierra, its 16 miles’ extension resembles a sea of white rocks with pink crests. Here, the inclement wind that descends from the Andes has sculpted in the rocks the most diverse forms and created corridors as well as different kind of fascinating sculptures. Witness of the region’s intense volcanic activity since ancient times, Campo de Piedra Pómez is a unique landscape, like no one else in the planet.

Tours to Campo de Piedra Pómez depart from the town of El Peñón.

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