Unique smoked products, intense sea fruits, organic vegetables, tempting jams and exquisite dinners at the sophisticated Tierra del Fuego’s gastronomy.

The flavors of the ocean gets to the table under the form of mussels, crabs and black hakes. The rivers provide the exquisite trout; the woods, the hunting products and the generosity of their mushrooms; the Patagonian steppe, the roasted lamb. The smokers are full of cheese, fish or vegetables. Chocolate and confectionary stores and tea houses add the missing sweet ingredient. The Patagonian chocolate tradition is also present in these lands where the crafted chocolate aroma leaves the sweetest scent in the air. In Ushuaia, the gastronomic offer is as broad as exquisite, with little cafes and tea houses, and family and luxurious restaurants. For those looking for a fast meal, bars offer light and simple dishes. Excellent chefs work at the kitchens of the most fancy hotels, where the gourmet experience is accompanied by marvelous views of the bay and the seduction of Argentine best wines: Mendoza’s Malbec, Río Negro’s Pinot Noir and the Patagonian Viognier. And, for a stop in the road, nothing like the extraordinary Patagonian craft beers. For dessert, caulker liqueur!  

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