At Argentina’s Littoral, an intense experience on silver water mirrors to observe the animals of a unique region.

Iberá Natural Reserve, in the province of Corrientes, is one of the most important sweet water reservoirs in South America. With an extension of 3,213,000 acres where the region’s native flora and fauna are preserved, it is possible to find more than 85 mammal species, 35 reptile species and 45 amphibian species. The most remarkable are the marsh deer, the Pampas deer, the capybara and the black howler monkey. There are reptiles like the yacare caiman and the broad-snouted caiman and various kinds of snakes and lizards. Some of the species most difficult to observe are the maned wolf and the neotropical otter. Aquatic safaris are organized in the moonlight to watch the nine-banded armadillo and the mount cat.

IMPORTANT: The best way to get to this Reserve is through Colonia Carlos Pellegrini, at 130 miles from Posadas, capital of the province of Misiones. Due to the characteristics of the terrain, special vehicles should be used. Besides, in order to enjoy thoroughly the flora and fauna, it is recommended to hire the services of specialized guides.

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