At the heart of the Humahuaca Ravine, a little town with red color soil streets and mud houses that merge with a landscape of imposing multicolor hills.

At 41 miles from San Salvador de Jujuy and 1,5 mile to the East of National Route N° 9,on National Route N° 52, Purmamarca amazes visitors. This little town is surrounded by a natural imposing frame formed by the Seven Colors Hill –tourist icon in the region- and the Red Colors Walk.

Purmamarca is a little pre-Hispanic village which origin can be traced back to the 16th century when it was part of the Inca Road. Its urban design was made around the Church of Saint Rose of Lima. The square, in front of the church, host every morning the most colorful handcrafts fair in the Northern region. In the back, the Seven Colors Hill imposes its presence while red soil little streets lead to the Red Colors Walk. In the corner, silent, stands the old Cabildo, the smallest in the country. Some blocks away, design handcrafts stores and gourmet restaurants give a touch of exclusivity to the landscape, together with picturesque hotels of refined architecture, high quality and remarkable services. 

Resting on Purmamarca’s blue sky, the Seven Colors Hill constitutes a unique natural landscape due to its particular beauty. Defying geography rules –if they were any- and opposite to the traditional image of brown and rocky mountains, this hill emerges imposing with its ochre, yellow, orange, green, brown, lilac and violet colors. A real stone rainbow which “secret” can be found in the sedimentary origin of its rocks. An excellent sample of the natural beauty of the Humahuaca Ravine.  

Turning around the popular hill, for only 1,5 mile, the Red Colors Walk offers a magnificent landscape. The circuit starts at any of the town narrow streets. Its two possible entries/exits  become enigmatic red soil roads. Once the last little house is left behind, nature turns into a furious red surrounded by green-yellow cardons and the intense blue sky. Immersed in the adventure, expert eyes shall discover the different geological eras: water and wind erosions left the mark of their continued millenary work on the strange forms of the rocks. Meanwhile, travelers shall find a magic game of brilliant colors that change according to the time of the day, the season or the quantity of rains fallen. In all cases, views are magnificent and it is worth taking time to stop and admire them. Obviously, as everything in Purmamarca, the Red Colors Walk is better enjoyed with time and no hurry, preferably on foot or with bicycle.  

As the afternoon falls, coca tea and cayote empanadas comfort travelers after their walks. When the moon shines up in the sky, music invades Purmamarca, where tasteful llama meats and unequalled altitude wines crown a perfect experience.

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