With closed eyes, it is possible to hear Perito Moreno glacier’s harsh voice. In occasions, it is just a whisper; others, it calls from the deepness. Unpredictable.

3 miles long and 200 feet above the lake’s level, this ice wall moves slowly pushed by an ice stripe and gets lost in the horizon. A strong noise is heard, as if it were a thunder and -at that moment- a huge ice block falls resoundingly into the water. The glacier looks mute and, suddenly, it starts trembling from the deepest part of its interior. But this time nothing happens. Some years, the mythical Perito Moreno Glacier –the frozen giant- moves forward until touching the land and forming a bridge. The unforeseeable show of its collapse is the most expected event. 

At El Calafate, in the province of Santa Cruz, travel agencies organize tours to visit Perito Moreno Glacier’s walkways, at Los Glaciares National Park, in the same province. At Visitors’ Reception area, there is a circuit of comfortable and broad walkways providing a panoramic view, at different heights, that are also accessible by handicapped people. Trekking on the glacier is a traditional and unmissable experience. However, it is also possible to admire it from the lake, with catamarans that navigate to the north and the south, showing a completely different perspective as the boat sails.

Within the Park, there is a wide offer of gastronomic services that invites to enjoy nice meals and delicious coffees with the breathtaking view of the huge and mysterious Perito Moreno Glacier

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