Far from the noise and stress of everyday’s life in the city, a marvelous place that combines adventure and peace: a proposal to enjoy the wellness of thermal waters.

From a fantastic ravine that lays between multicolor hills, at only 7 miles from the city of Fiambalá, at the feet of the Andean Range and at 5,000 f.a.s.l., thermal-mineral-medicinal waters spring up from the rocks. At Termas de Fiambalá, at almost 200 miles from the provincial capital, travelers shall be able to enjoy quietness and intimacy, far from the noise and stressing rhythm of big cities, in an experience fully devoted to wellness and health, with all the services necessary for an excellent stay.

Surrounded by large mountains, Termas de Fiambalá have classified waters: hyper-thermal, sulphated, silicated, bicarbonate alkaline and lightly chlorured. They are highly sedative and relaxing of the central system; they clean tissues, detoxify the body and provide health’s general improvement. These waters spring up at 5,700 f.a.s.l., concentrated in 14 pools of Andean rocks with temperatures ranging between 82 and 124° F.


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