At the heart of the Argentine territory, a beautiful quiet landscape with transparent rivers and framed by historical estancias, unveils its people’s identity with regional flavors.

The province of Córdoba is one of the most important Argentine economic and cultural centers. As far as tourism is concerned, it offers countless proposals to enjoy nature, to live adventures, to discover historic and archaeological treasures, to learn and participate in popular festivals and, obviously, to taste flavors with local identity. In its gastronomy and its different gourmet routes, Córdoba shows the Jesuit legacy as well as the influences of diverse European immigrants’ colonies that inhabited the region since the 18th century. There are many gourmet routes all over its territory, which are related to typical dishes or products.

The capital city offers vanguardist and bohemian flavors, author cuisine dishes, excellent international meals, as well as the typical flavors and dishes of the Creole and regional gastronomy. Colonia Caroya’s cheese and cold-cuts and Jesús María’s asados are accompanied by regional artisanal wines. Calamuchita outstands with Central European dishes and artisanal beers produced at Villa General Belgrano. In the North, at Quilino and Deán Funes, the most tasteful baby goats are available. In the South, there are peanut plantations. At Mar Chiquita, the main stars of the best gastronomy offers are otter and kingfish. At Traslasierra Valley, sweet tooth travelers shall feel at their ease with so many homemade marmalades and jams as well as the irresistible alfajores. At Mina Clavero, Villa Dolores and other neighbor villas, there are aromatic herbs with which organic products are prepared. They also have honey production.

As it cannot be otherwise, in a province where festive spirit, music and good humor are always present, each product has its own celebration: multitudinary popular festivals where cuisine masters and local producers exhibit their products to locals and visitors. The agenda is very wide and comprises the whole provincial territory.

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