All nature contrasts at this legendary National Park

Mburucuyá National Park in located in the littoral region of Argentina, in the province of Corrientes, at 103 miles from the capital city with the same name. This area belongs to the eco-region of the Iberá Wetlands but it has great influence of the Chaco region, the Parana jungle and the Espinal eco-region; thus contributing to a great landscape diversity that makes it a unique attraction in the region.

Lagoons, estuaries and wetlands populate this landscape where humidity governs every corner. Grasslands and Yatay palm trees give the environment a rustic atmosphere. Chaco’s woods impose their presence with quebrachos. Among the vegetation, it is possible to find capybaras, foxes, South American jaguars (yaguareté), yacare caimans, maned wolves, carayá monkeys, aguará popés and marsh deers, as well as birds from aquatic environments. Nature lovers shall enjoy walking among Yatay palm trees and Che Roga trees, while waiting for the imminent sunset. 

IMPORTANT: Mburucuyá National Park has its own camping with drinking water, tables, fireplaces and sanitary services, with free-entrance. At Mburucuyá village, there is also a free camping area, hotels, restaurants, quick-food facilities, supply stores, Internet connection and gas stations.

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