Getting married, joining in matrimony, having a wedding and the corresponding friendly honeymoon.

In Argentina, same-sex marriage was enacted by law. And the honeymoon is a reality full of pleasure. Buenos Aires, the bustling and hectic city, is cosmopolitan, sexy, elegant, vanguardist, amusing and integrator; it is tango, art, films, theater, design, popular culture, soccer, shopping and nightlife. Chosen in 2006 and 2008 as the “Best International Gay Destination”, it is an actual friendly city. It has an important offer of hotels, bars, restaurants, discos and other meeting and amusement places specially devoted to the LGBT community. Therefore, it is an ideal world for enjoying a honeymoon with the colors of the rainbow.

Accommodation - hotels and charming boutique lodges- complies with the most demanding expectations. Additionally, we should mention leisure at the most exclusive spas, the unique flavors of the New World wines, the varied gastronomy, the sophistication of international trademarks, the innovative design, the elegant jewelry and silverware; and a world of emotions with the most amusing events.


On the first November’s Saturday, Buenos Aires sponsors the LGBT Pride March, one of the most visited and amusing in the world, with art and design fairs, film and theater cycles, drag queen parades, and a lot of dancing in the street. Buenos Aires also hosts the Queer Tango Festival.

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