At Malbec’s birthplace, with the highest snow-covered peaks in America in the horizon, and on the riverside of quick and crystalline water courses, diversity moves charming and respectfully.

Defiant land of brave men and women, of breathtaking natural scenarios, with an attractive cultural fusion and kind people, Mendoza is a modern province. At the feet of the Andes where the best wines come to life, the land respects and celebrates diversity. With sophisticated and vanguardist services, among which outstand luxurious hotels, charming lodges among the vineyards, fancy colonial rural houses, authentic author cuisine, exclusive spas and thermal baths, Mendoza invites LGBT travelers to enjoy relax and leisure.

At Mendoza’s nightlife, a varied circuit of pubs, wine bars, restaurants and discos comprise an interesting offer for fun and integration. Besides, there is a complete agenda of shows, casinos, shopping centers and, at the end of summer, the Gay Harvest Festival –an exultant party that is open to everyone, where the evening guarantees fun and joy.

During February and March, after a season under the intense mountains’ sun, grapes reach their ripening point. It is then when men and women start, carefully, the harvesting ceremony. Harvesting is a unique moment in the life of people devoted to winemaking. To celebrate it, during the whole summer, Mendoza’s inhabitants perform different kinds of cultural activities –departmental and local harvest festivals and folk shows- that culminate on March’s first Saturday at the provincial capital with the Harvest National Festival. This festival takes place at the imposing open scenario of the Greek Theater “Frank Romero Day”, with a previous parade by the city streets presenting the young ladies willing to be elected Harvest National Queen. At the same time, the LGBT community lives a different and unique version of this ancestral celebration: “Harvest for Everyone”, a very colorful and glamorous show. With joyful nights at discos and exclusive artistic shows (with acknowledged transvestite artists and local and national celebrities of the show business), this festival reaches its climax with the election of the Queen –and King- of the Gay Harvest. 

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