A journey exploring La Rioja’s Hills, among low hills and giant rocks, heading towards the best site in Argentina por condors watching.

Los Cóndores Ravine is located at Sierra de los Quinteros, at 111 miles from the provincial capital. It is a unique place for condors watching: here, birds fly at low altitude, at about 9 and 16 feet about visitors’ heads. Observation is made from the altitude, with the chance of watching the condors’ sleeping places.

Tours to Los Cóndores Ravine depart from different points at La Rioja’s Southern area. From Chepes, Olta or Chamical, a network of rural roads coincide with condors paradise. The first stage of the journey can be done with any kind of vehicle and by a circuit that crosses the different towns comprising the Caudillos Route –a road that crosses flatlands and the mythical lands of Argentine history foundational men like Felipe Varela, Facundo Quiroga and Ángel Vicente “Chacho” Peñaloza. Once in Tama, the road heads towards Pacatala and, from there on, to Sierra de los Quinteros.

Condors, in groups of two, five or twenty, can be seen from a natural balcony accessible on horseback, crossing watersheds falling over big pools that host the famous La Rioja’s trouts. At the edge of the cliff, the Cuyan skies giants offer with their flights a unique show.

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