Whale watching at the Patagonian Atlantic Coast, a unique and unforgettable experience.

At a few meters from the coast and out to the sea, between the effusive joy and silent emotions of the travelers, the huge whales come to the surface improvising jumps, showing their tales and posing gracious for the photos.

In Puerto Madryn, at El Doradillo Beach –at about 9 miles from the city- they get so close to the coast that it looks as if it were possible to touch them by just extending the arms. At the Valdes Peninsula, they move with absolute freedom and trust and they even allow the boats to get close and observe and photograph them, at all their splendor. An encounter that takes place with total respect: Patagonian people know that these giants inhabited these waters quite before them and that this is their home.

The companies offering whale watching tours are located at Puerto Pirámides, at Valdes Peninsula, at about 60 miles from Puerto Madryn. On the other hand, boat tours may be hired through travel agencies located at other tourist cities in the area. These tours are made on boats and semi-rigid rubber boats, accompanied by expert guides. 

Regarding the Southern Right Whale:

Natural Monument of the southern seas, the Southern Right Whale is a protected specie that can measure up to 15 meters long and weight between 40 and 45 tons. They arrive to these waters during June, with the harsh cold weather, in order to reproduce and feed their offsprings. The last ones to leave do it during December.

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