n the province of Santa Cruz, a mountain villa of stunning landscapes. The homeplace for free spirits.

The Visitors Center of Los Glaciares National Park is at the entrance to El Chaltén. There, as well as at the Tourism Municipal Office, it is possible to get maps of the different paths and check the conditions thereof.

Torre and Fitz Roy peaks preside the views of the National Park. These imposing granite walls are the desired target of expert climbers and a lovely natural view for trekkers. Paths cross woods of ñires and lengas as well as clear water rivers. Roads climb mountains, willing to reach the ice giant; others unveil water mirrors that reflect snow-covered peaks. In order to enjoy this natural gift it is necessary to put your boots on and walk! Leave behind the civilization and get into the virgin beauty of the mountains. The explorer shall find his/her own challenge at the most demanding routes to the Fitz Roy, with breathtaking days and nights under the stars. 
At El Chaltén, the trekker rests at the same time that gets ready for the next departure. There are different one-day tours leaving from this town. The most popular ones are: Glacier and Piedras Blancas lagoon (4 hours, the whole round trip); Torre Lagoon (6 hours, leaving from the Visitors Center heading towards the West, reaching the view point of the lagoon and De Agostini camp); Huemul Glacier (6 hours, leaves at 22 miles from El Chaltén, crossing a private property and, for that reason, it is necessary to pay for the entrance); Laguna de los Tres (about 8 hours, going directly to Capri lagoon and, from there, to De los Tres lagoon, the most accessible panoramic point of the area, in front of the mythical Chaltén); and Laguna Toro and Loma del Pliegue Tumbado (9 to 10 hours)

If the traveler has more available days, then he/she might choose longer routes, camping at permitted areas. One of the options is to take the path that leaves the town towards the North and, after an hour’s walk, there is a path bifurcation where travelers shall have to decide themselves: to go to the viewpoint (from which it is possible to see the Fitz Roy) or to the Capri lagoon, where camping is permitted. Both paths unite again and continue to the camping areas of Blanco and Poincenot rivers (3 hours). From Poincenot, they can go to the incredible Laguna Sucia or De los Tres lagoon. Those willing to return can take the path back to El Chaltén and, after 1 hour, follow the bifurcation of Madre & Hija lagoons. This path crosses the one that joins El Chaltén to Laguna Torre. Those willing to continue -with a higher degree of difficulty- from Poincenot camp there is a path heading to the North that reaches Piedra del Fraile (3 hours and a half). Approximately an hour later, a detour to the left takes to the imposing Piedras Blancas Glacier, an ideal place to rest. Back on track, they will reach Eléctrico River and, then, Piedra del Fraile, a big wall that left the glacier in its retreat and where Father De Agostini, who climbed these mountains and was the first to photograph them, located its base-point. This part of the tour goes through private property and it is necessary to pay for entering. There is a shelter with services and, from that point, it is possible to get to Lago Eléctrico, a huge lake with glacial waters. And, to return, at Piedra del Fraile there is transportation to El Chaltén.
IMPORTANT: Those leaving for several days should register themselves.

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