Adventures in the white continent, the last great frontier.

A world of dramatic landscapes and strong contrasts. An unequivocal sensation of adventure. On board of a great cruise or a yacht, always prepared to sail through a sea of ice following the steps of the explorers Scott and Shackleton. Heading towards the Antarctica, expeditions with naturalists crossing frozen bays with whales. You can get off the boat to walk among the penguins. You can observe sea lions and elephant seals from very close distance. You can also watch millions of birds in remote islands. An unforgettable trip.


Cruises heading towards the Antarctica depart in summer from Usuhaia. It is recommended to take IAATO ships provided their hull is reinforced for protection as they sail among icebergs. You may choose between a big cruise –with capacity for 150 to 300 passengers- that do not disembark on land, or smaller ships –more exclusive- with naturalist guides with whom you shall be able to stop and get off at different places. Itineraries vary according to the company and include: Orkney Islands (Islas Orcadas); Coronation Islands (Islas Coronación); Elephant Island (Isla Elefante); Southern Shetland Islands (Islas Shetland del Sur); Deception (Decepción) and subyacent islands; the Antarctic from Dubouzet Cape to the Ross Sea or from Lemaire Channel to Margarita Bay.


IMPORTANT: these trips should be booked with various months’ anticipation.

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