Near the Andean Mountain Range, in the limit with Chile, a unique trip where nature’s beauty merges with history. High altitude adventure following San Martin’s steps.

In 1817, America’s Liberation Army, headed by General José de San Martín crossed the magnificent Andes Range through Los Patos Sur, a path located at the valley of the same name, at the south-west of the province of San Juan. Nowadays, there are different horseback riding tours departing from Barreal that re-create fragments of one of the most important historical feats of the region.

These tours consist in riding about 6 days, at about 9,800 and 14,700 f.a.s.l., for almost 62 miles by a steep Andean geography until the border with Chile, following part of the Sanmartinian Route. In the way, the traveling souls shall feel the imposing natural beauty: following Volcán River they shall be able to admire the majestic Aconcagua from a very short distance. During daytime, it is possible to watch high altitude native flora and fauna while, in the nights, the stars of San Juan skies shall offer a definitely charming show.

Barreal is located at the Calingasta Valley, in the southwestern area of San Juan, at 136 miles from the province capital.

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