During January, the moon witnesses authentic popular festivals in Córdoba, genuine manifestations of the art that vibrates in the center of the country.

The sound of guitars and bass-drums, singers getting close to the stage, dancers rehearsing their dances, horsemen preparing their horses, fireplaces being lighten up… are just a few of the many indicators that the season of popular festivals in Córdoba has started. “Evenings of Horse-riding and Singing” in Jesús María and “Here Cosquín” with its classic welcome yell, inaugurate two of the most important folk tradition festivals in Latin America: Jesús María’s Festival of Taming and Folklore and Cosquín’s Festival of National Folklore. At the first one, horsemen’s skills and colt’s braveness capture spectators’ attention. The ceremony is accompanied by folk songs and traditional dances. At the second one, the strokes of the music of our land beat among the low hills. Zambas, chacareras and vidalas invade streets and also the river of the small town of Cosquín, to finally settle down at the major scenario until late in the night. An amicable, festive and cultural experience to enjoy with the senses and to keep for ever in your heart.  

Jesús María is located at 24 miles from Córdoba city, on the “History Road” that connects the province with the Argentine Northern region. This city hosts every January, during ten consecutive evenings, the Rodeo National Festival, accompanied by first class folk shows. Brave horsemen arrive from different parts of the country and from some other Latin American countries. The taming field and the amphitheater have capacity for more than 25,000 spectators who come to enjoy one of the most important popular festivals in Argentina.
Also in January, at about 34 miles from the provincial capital, Cosquín presents the Festival of National Folklore, a traditional meeting with popular art that, year after year, is celebrated during “nine moons”. This Festival gathers the most acknowledged artists as well as the new voices of folk music.

The cities of Jesús María and Cosquín offer a diversity of services; their closeness to the most important tourist destinations in the province make them a good choice for some deserved vacations under the always friendly sun of Córdoba hills.

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