Among volcanoes, dunes and thermal spas; archaeological fields, ancient churches and white houses, the flavor of a historically handcrafted wine with chances of becoming fine wine in the future.

Catamarca has vineyards in the Abaucán Valley, next to the Andean Range and in the Calchaquí Valley, at an altitude that ranges between 3,900 and 5,700 f.a.s.l. The almost deserted environment and the important thermal amplitude are great allies for the production of healthy and concentrated fruits, ecological by nature.

The province’s winemaking area is at Tinogasta Valley –at 186 miles from San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca (capital city of the province). There, winemaking industry grows in a landscape crowned by the “Seismiles” (the highest peaks in America). Wineries are old and production follows traditional methods. Production at boutique wineries has started to grow, consolidating the promise of Catamarca’s Fine Wines. The most outstanding varieties are Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Bonarda and Cereza.


In Catamarca, visits to vineyards are complemented by the beauty of a land full of white towns and chapels made with mud. Between Tinogasta and Fiambalá, in the middle of the provincial winemaking valley and for as long as 30 miles, the so-called “Mud Route” is a circuit that is both Touristic and Cultural Heritage of the province and that rescues architectonic relics built with mud and straw in the 17th and 18th centuries (the churches of Saint Peter and Anillaco outstand from the rest). There are also some pre-Columbus evidences: a rich archaeological field shows how was life in times of ancient originary cultures and their further merge with the Spaniards. For adventurers, Saujil sand dunes invite to sandboard practice. And for those seeking relax, Fiambalá thermal waters wait for them.

Regardless the route chosen, Catamarca’s cuisine - as in the whole Northern region- will delight visitors with its corn-based dishes (seasoned with pepper and aromatic herbs and accompanied by Andean potatoes). For dessert, the exquisite quince jam is the perfect choice.

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