Among mountains, lakes and native forests, adrenaline at its purest state.

Headquarters of Argentine National Parks system, the Lakes Region presents an interesting diversity of proposals for adventure tourism. At all these parks, it is possible to practice different activities with different complexity levels, oriented by qualified experts.

Lanín National Park hosts one of the most important peaks in the region: the volcano with the same name that has an altitude of 12,388 f.a.s.l. where different sports like climbing and trekking can be practiced. The ruthless volcano has been a headache for many climbers. There, difficult mountain sides as well as eternal ice fields are unwanted companions, even for the more trained climbers. Lanín is accessible by two well defined circuits: Tromen Lake and Mamuil Malal path on the Northern side and Huechulafquen Lake by the Southern side. For its ascent, registration with the park authorities is necessary while it is recommended to hire a qualified mountain guide. The nearest cities with tourist and accommodation services are Junín de los Andes and San Martín de los Andes, in the province of Neuquén. 

Around these cities, other adventure activities are practiced, like mountain bike. There are half-day and full-day circuits leading to Arrayán viewpoint, Chapelco mount, Lolog lake and Quila Quina; organized by companies that offer all necessary equipments and guide services. At Lácar lake in San Martín de los Andes, rowing is an excellent activity for the whole family. Also in the province of Neuquén, Aluminé River is fit for rafting and kayaking in white waters during spring, with areas with difficulty levels ranging IV. Hua Hum River is fit for grade II rafting. Aluminé and Villa Pehuenia are ideal for climbing, rappel and trekking.

Towards the South, Arrayanes and Nahuel Huapi National Parks have Villa La Angostura and San Carlos de Bariloche as base-point cities, respectively. They are accessible by water or land. These parks offer interesting options for aquatic activities in rivers and lakes. Miles of transparent waters anxiously await the arrival of those willing to challenge adventure at the different sports: diving, canoeing, kayaking, duckies, kite surf, Hawaiian canoes and, especially, rafting with high difficulty levels at the rivers Manso, Corcovado and Azul (the last one, near El Bolsón)  

At Lanín National Park the entire family can practice rowing and take their first steps on the adventure road. In spring and until January, melting waters feeding Aluminé River make it an excellent option for those looking for adrenaline at white waters. Some of the most popular rapids are Cañadón or Waikiki

In the province of Río Negro, paragliding is practiced at the natural slopes of López and Otto Mounts in Bariloche and Piltriquitrón Mount in El Bolsón. Excellent panoramic views of the valley and lakes can be observed from the air. Close to El Bolsón, there is a little town called Lago Puelo and a park with the same name. This quiet place is ideal for mountain bike rides, horseback riding and motor-navigation activities. Climbers have the challenging option of Cerro Tres Picos, one of the highest mounts in the province, which presents a high level of difficulty. Fireplaces at mountain shelters await the arrival of adventurers with countless stories and legends to tell.

In the province of Chubut, Esquel is the access city to Los Alerces National Park. There, it is possible to make 4x4 trips by Cerro La Torta mountainside until reaching a trekking pathway that leads to ice tunnels. Rivers and lakes at Los Alerces are fit for rafting, floating and canoeing.

All National Parks in this area combine air, land and water activities. There are service providers especially qualified at each of these disciplines. There are also towns and villages with accommodation services according to the demand.

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