Located at the northeastern extreme of the Litoral region, the province of Misiones is 1.615 kms far from Buenos Aires, taking as reference Puerto Iguazú, its most important touristic center.

This province is internationally known because it hosts the Iguazú National Park (Patrimony of Mankind) where the famous Iguazú Falls are found. The province as a whole is a destination suitable for adventure and its national park is, beyond doubts, a privileged place for safaris and sightseeing. Among the diversity of species that inhabit the region, we find multicolor toucans and parrots, pumas, yaguaretes and a wide variety of birds. During daylight or in the evenings there are guided walks or touristic train tours. Misiones also hosts the cultural heritage of the Guarani Jesuit Missions with their impressive archaeological ruins. The Yerba Mate Route is another attractive circuit. This region concentrates the main yerba mate factories with their doors open to show their elaboration processes and the secrets and stories that help to understand the cultural importance of this Argentine beverage. Likewise, and as a result of the uninterrupted immigration, Misiones has a cultural and ethnic kaleidoscope of incomparable plurality, with more than 29 different nationalities; their Immigrant's National Festivity being a remarkable event that is celebrated every year in the city of Oberá. Visitors planning the perfect trip should not miss the many towns by the rivers or a visit to the underground mines of semi-precious stones.


Subsecretaría de Turismo de Misiones: http://www.turismo.misiones.gov.ar/

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