At the Northern extreme of the country, 1.181 kms distant from Buenos Aires, we find the province of Formosa. Its name derives from the ancient Spanish term

Its large rivers, swamps, wetlands and jungles are inhabited by a wide range of birds and fauna. Among its national parks and protected areas, the La Estrella wetland is worth to be mentioned. It is the right place to enjoy contact with nature. Its exuberant vegetation, with a huge variety of green shades, offers ideal paths to cover with 4x4 rides. Its rivers are also a choice for adventure: the plentiful Paraguay River, the imposing Bermejo River and the changing PilcomayoRiver offer many attractions. This province is also the perfect destination for those loving handicrafts, mainly in occasion of the Pan American Natives day (19th April) during which takes place the Meeting of Native People of America, a unique event that gets together the diverse native populations.

Ministerio de Turismo: http://www.formosa.gob.ar/turismo.html

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