The Province of Entre Ríos is only 495 Kms far from Buenos Aires, taking as reference its capital city, Paraná.

It a typical Litoral land, with cities full of cultural and architectonic richness and rural spaces that offer a wide variety of proposals. As its name indicates, it is integrally embraced by majestic and pictures rivers like the Paraná, Uruguay, Gualeguay and Gualeguaychú Rivers, ideal sceneries for sport fishing and hunting.

Its plentiful streams, lagoons and rivers emerging from its soils form the popular provincial thermal spas.

Besides, Entre Ríos features important activities for those willing to live the essence of the argentine culture: carnivals (Gualeguaychú carnivals are the most famous), rural tourism, historic circuits, beaches, golf courses, adventure tourism and ecotourism.

El Palmar National Park being a remarkable place for the latter, with an extended forest of centenary Yatay Palms. These are just a few of the many proposals that this incredible destination offers.

Secretaría de Turismo de Entre Ríos: http://www.unatierradiferente.com/

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