Chaco is a land of discovery and active experiences related to nature. The diversity of its landscapes, its fauna & flora, the beauty of its rivers and lagoons and the mysticism of its native community, invite to enjoy and explore new destinations.

This beautiful province of the Argentine Northeast offers three tourist regions: Littoral, Center and the Impenetrable.

Chaco’s Littoral combines an urban area which cultural, sportive and financial life is reference at regional level, with a natural space that outstands for its activities related to sport fishing and ecotourism. At its majestic wetlands and rivers, there are historical sites, like Del Cerrito Island, and cities like Resistencia, provincial capital and cultural center.

At the heart of the province, Chaco’s center offers specific attractions. It is an ideal place for rural, scientific and educational tourism, and to enjoy a wellness experience at Saenz Peña’s Spa. Besides, cultural tourism is also an option with popular festivals at Charata and Las Breñas, and the Carnival at Villa Angela and General San Martín.

But, the most imposing point of its geography is, no doubts, The Impenetrable, an ecotourism reference at international level, where nature is mysterious and its people keep their ancestral traditions. There, travelers shall have the sensation of stepping on unexplored lands. Places like Villa Río Bermejito and El Sauzalito are ideal for birdwatching, trekking and horseback riding; while Nueva Pompeya Mission invites to communitarian tourism and Los Frentones and Juan José Castelli offer adventure tourism options.

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