Instituto Nacional de Promoción Turística


In 2005, the State of Argentina approved the National Tourism Act # 25,997, which contemplates the creation of the National Institute of Tourism Promotion, with the purpose of having an institution responsible for the international promotion of Argentina’s tourist attractions.

The creation of the INPROTUR (National Institute of Tourism Promotion) links the public and private sectors as regards international tourism promotion. The mission of INPROTUR is to position Argentina as an international tourist destination in the markets of origin.

The Institute is presided by the application authority and has a board composed by the representatives listed below (all of whom work pro bono):

a) Five (5) regular members appointed by the National Department of Tourism;
b) Three (3) regular members appointed by the Chamber of Tourism of Argentina (CAT);
c) Thee(3) regular members appointed by the Federal Council of Tourism (CFT) .

Some of its functions are:

  • Designing and implementing plans, programs and actions for international tourism promotion
  • Managing the promotion funds.
  • Researching the international markets of origin and their trends.

The National Institute of Tourism Promotion has the following resources:

  • Contributions made by the National Government
  • 40% from the earnings generated by the tax set forth by Article 24, Section b). The National Government may increase this percentage up to a 10%.
  • Funds received as assistance, legacy, cession of goods, inheritance or donation
  • Contributions made by the private sector
  • Income from conferences, seminars, courses and publications organized by the Institute; rent profits; usufruct, and interests from its goods
  • Income from national taxes which could be created with the specific purpose of meeting the Institute's goals
  • Income from any other source according to the Institute's legal status and goals

International Tourism Marketing Strategic Plan

It is the management tool that allows to improve Argentina's insertion in the markets of origin as a tourist destination. During the last 5 years, the Ministry of Tourism significantly increased our country’s promotional actions in the world, which this plan seeks to consolidate and increase.

The plan aims to turn Argentina into a leading country in Latin America in terms of the quality and diversity of tourist attractions, based on a balanced territorial development, respecting the environment and the identity of its people.