Buenos Aires 31 Experiences

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A tour with rural spirit

At a few hours from the city, a tour by the “Argentina Gaucha”, together with the men and women of the Pampas.

Adventure in Tandil

A destination to fly like birds, wander about hills, challenge the high stone walls, sort obstacles in two wheels… And follow the gaucho footprints on horseback!

Animated Buenos Aires

Along the streets of the historical San Telmo Neighborhood and of the ultramodern Puerto Madero, including the traditional Costanera Sur, a tour around the history of the best of Argentine graphic humor.

Art and antiques in Buenos Aires

Bustling markets, selective artistic havens, popular fairs of second-hand products and meetings with artists: the “other” city tours.

Birds of the Pampas and wetlands

Very close to Buenos Aires city, among riverside forests and grasslands, 300 bird species. An excellent introduction to birdwatching on Argentine land.

Buenos Aires and its diversity of museums

Contemporary and Medieval works. Latin American artists. Vanguardist collections. Popular culture. Breathing Art in Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires Cafes

Historic, traditional, modern and design cafes. Different styles of havens to enjoy the pleasure of a good company.

Buenos Aires diversity nights

Friendly bars and restaurants. Transvestite shows. Crazy parties. The River Plate Queen dressed with sequins and furs.

Buenos Aires features its new cuisine

New dinning styles uniting the original wish for sensorial experiences with the always vivid interest of celebrating each reunion.

Buenos Aires with the family

For the kids, the city is an amusement park. Multiple offers permit the coexistence of the huge metropolis’ rhythm with a traditional playground and an interesting cultural agenda.

Buenos Aires, Design’s City

Argentina’s capital city offers innovative proposals that share their cosmopolitan character with Latin urban spirit, European influence and local ideas.

Buenos Aires, shopping paradise

An adventure between shop-windows, where the glamour of old times merges with the latest design and fashion trends.

Buenos Aires, Theater’s Capital in Latin American

Classics of all times. Commercial Titles. Musical Comedies. Independent plays. Curtains in Buenos Aires are always up!

Costanera Sur, birdwatching in the City

A first class birdwatching experience a few steps away from the city’s downtown.

Fishing in Buenos Aires

During the whole year, challenging and silent adventures at rivers, streams and lagoons.

Golf and Polo at the Faith’s City

At the Northwest of the province of Buenos Aires, exclusive services for practising the most elegant sports.

Golf next to the City

In the heart of the big city and at the immensity of Buenos Aires fields, play golf with the same passion that Argentineans live every sport.

Honeymoon with the colors of the rainbow

Getting married, joining in matrimony, having a wedding and the corresponding friendly honeymoon.

Islands with history at Tigre’s Delta

Nature, culture, amusements and old stories on the riverside.

Jewish experience in Argentina

Cultural, religious and gastronomic proposals in an itinerary that invites to know the everyday life of the largest Jewish community in Latin America.

Literary Buenos Aires

Visit the streets, squares and bars that staged the best pages of Argentine literature.

Nightlife in Buenos Aires

The city where the evening turns into fantasy and a sleepless adventure.

Photographs of Buenos Aires

A city designed for the photographers’ eyes. A mirror reflecting the times gone.

Province of Buenos Aires, an immense golf course

Among beaches, hills, rivers and lagoons, the different slopes of the land turn golf courses into a complete challenge.

Pure soccer

Or… how is life in Buenos Aires with the passion of the fans!

Re-invented Buenos Aires: Palermo and Puerto Madero

From the oldest and most traditional neighborhood to the newest and most modern site in the city: a walk around Buenos Aires that sets trends.

Singular architecture: watching Buenos Aires heights

Italian, French and Spanish buildings. Modern constructions. Vanguard Towers. Rationalist singularities. Walls with personality.

Tango: history and passion

Let yourself be carried away by the rhythm of the bandoneon, by the dance floor embrace, by the nostalgic poetry… and learn the most intimate secrets of the city.

The Roads of El Che

From his hometown in Rosario to an old storehouse in Patagonia, crossing the provinces of Misiones and Córdoba and visiting the City of Buenos Aires, a tour around the iconic sites of Ernesto

Traditional and innovative flavors coming from Buenos Aires kitchens

In the capital as well as in the province: red meats outstanding at grills, Creole traditional dishes merged with Spanish and Italian recipes… and new gourmet routes.

Traditional Buenos Aires: May Square, San Telmo, La Boca and Recoleta.

In the south, the mystical origins. In the center, the populated everyday life. In the north, the fancy style. Meeting points of a historic city.

Buenos Aires

The Big Entrance and the Gaucho’s Domains

The region of Buenos Aires is comprised by the Province and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires. It is a megalopolis with more than 11 million inhabitants; it is also the most elegant and active city in South America, summarizing the varied and heterogeneous essence of the argentine nature.

Visitors are fascinated by its environment, the different personalities of each neighborhood, the warmness of its people and the wide range of commercial offers. The City features an incredible cultural proposal, many shopping centers and lots of options to enjoy the evening.

In the outskirts, tourists are invited to visit the “estancias” (large cattle ranches) and the Delta islands. Facing the ocean - from the north of the Patagonian coast and up to the Río de la Plata - there are many seaside cities and villages which, from December to March, illuminate the sea with their amazing and intense summer activities.

In the middle of the province, Tandil and Sierra de la Ventana hills with their cities bearing the same names provide a huge variety of outdoor activities. Honoring its mixture of European and Latin American seduction, the “Reina del Plata” (Queen of the Río de la Plata) makes everything possible, at any time of the day.